Rubbish Removal in Parramatta

Rubbish removal in Parramatta, for residents and businesses, is serviced by the City of Parramatta and a number of commercial waste management providers. The council offer four kerbside bulky clean-ups a year. These are available for residents, but must be booked ahead of time. The type of stuff that you can put out on your verge includes: old furniture, mattresses, fence material and timber, carpets and lino, these must be bundled or rolled up. The kind of stuff you cannot put out includes: hazardous waste like paint, chemicals, batteries etc. You, also, cannot put out: glass, mirrors, industrial waste, and car parts of any kind. You can contact a commercial waste management service like Royal Rubbish Removal if you want material of this kind picked up and properly disposed of.

Clean Ups in the City of Parramatta

The council requires that your verge pick up is less than two cubic metres in total volume. In addition, it must be stacked neatly and not obstruct any traffic on the pedestrian footpath or on the adjoining roadway. Council recommendations, also, mention that it should be able to be safely lifted by two people. If you have waste that does not comply within these parameters, a commercial waste management provider like Royal Rubbish Removals can help. We treat all our clients like kings and queens; we do the heavy lifting for you.

Unacceptable Waste for the Parramatta Council

Some of the more unacceptable categories of rubbish removal defined by the City of Parramatta are: Demolition and construction waste, sharps, hazardous waste material, electronic stuff, and anything with asbestos in it. Concrete, bricks, tiles and timber are not accepted by the council service. Sharps are classified as things like needles, scalpel blades, lancets, syringes and anything that cut can human skin. Electronic or E waste is rapidly becoming the fastest growing waste issue, because of all the technology we are purchasing and upgrading constantly in our lives. It is recommended that you contact a commercial waste management service for the correct disposal of this electronic rubbish.

Educating All of Us about Waste Management

The council and commercial waste managers are, together, committed to educating more and more people about environmentally sound rubbish removal in Parramatta in the twenty first century. We all have a social responsibility to our community, families and neighbours to do the right thing, when it comes to recycling and waste management. Please contact us here if you would like to find out more about any of the issues raised here, in this article.