Rubbish Removal in Kellyville

Rubbish removal in Kellyville is primarily serviced by The Hills Shire council. Residents in this Sydney Garden Shire are allocated three bins for general waste, recyclables, and garden organics. These are easily identified by their red, yellow, and green lids respectively. As many of us now know, China has indicated that it will be stopping taking foreign waste in the form of recyclable matter, this has put the cat amongst the pigeons for local councils and the Australian recycling industry. The cost of recycling for local governments will rise substantially. The Chinese ban will affect some 619 000 tonnes of material annually, which is estimated to be worth $523 million.

Recycling Challenges Ahead

The onus is going to be on the local recycling industry to step up and meet the demand. Otherwise all that recycling will just go to landfill and make our environment more poisonous in the long term. Do our children deserve an environment, as toxic as this? Australia needs to meet the challenge and develop a truly self sufficient circular economy. This is one that recycles its own wastes and reuses them. There are numerous uses for recyclables and these can be expanded into applications for many of our local industries.

Waste Management in Kellyville

Rubbish removal in Kellyville and surrounding areas will likely become more expensive for councils to service. Royal Rubbish Removal has been assisting residents and local businesses with their waste management for many years. Our professional service meets many of the shortfalls in council services throughout Sydney. Our motto is that we treat you like kings and queens. If you have commercial waste, call us for a free quote on our collections and clearing services. Our trucks and operatives are fast and efficient. We are affordably priced and diligent. No job is too big or too small.

Strip Out Kings in Kellyville

Royal Rubbish Removal are the strip out kings in Kellyville and surrounds. We remove all the unwanted building materials like wall linings, flooring, lighting, shelving, cabling, plumbing and more. We are licenced to remove hazardous waste like asbestos and PCB. When you are renovating, or rebuilding, remember the name Royal Rubbish Removal. Office strip outs, bathroom strip-outs, kitchen strip-outs, and shop de-fits, we do them all. Demolition works are our speciality. We are an environmentally responsible citizen. Safe and sound solutions to clearing all sorts of waste in Kellyville and throughout The Hills Shire.