Rubbish Removal in Chatswood

What are your options for rubbish removal in Chatswood? The Willoughby City Council is responsible for residential kerbside collections in Chatswood. According to their own website, “The production of waste is a growing problem.” Increasing population and consumption are the two main culprits in this growing problem in Chatswood and surrounding areas in Sydney. Landfill is not the answer, and we are rapidly running out of landfill space anyway. The council identifies that waste needs to be seen as a resource, rather than something to be, merely, disposed of. Together with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), councils, and commercial waste management operators are working toward creating a waste free future for residents and businesses in Sydney.

Waste Management in Chatswood

Willoughby council residential garbage collection is predicated on a three-coloured bin lid program, as do many councils throughout Australia. The Red Bin is your general waste bin, the Yellow Bin is for recyclables, and Green Bin for garden waste. It is illegal to leave rubbish and unwanted items on private or public property in Chatswood, this includes nature strips and kerbsides. The council website mentions that they have investigators watching out for illegal dumpers. If you have trash and unwanted items not suitable for the bins, Royal Rubbish Removal can assist with the prompt and safe disposal of this material.

Restrictions on Willoughby Council Collections

What can you not put in those council bins in Chatswood? The bins are basically for weekly general rubbish, green waste, and recyclables. The council does have scheduled clean-up collections and check out their website for these times. There are further restrictions on these as well. If you have more two square metres of waste material, it will not be collected. Loose items not bagged will not be collected. Any item longer than a metre will not be collected. Royal Rubbish Removal does not have any of these restrictions and can collect and dispose of these items for you in Chatswood and surrounds.

Royal Rubbish Removal Free Quote

Electronic waste will not be collected by council, you will have to take it yourself to the Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre.  You must not put any needles or sharps in your general rubbish bin or in kerbside collections, they must be housed in the free community bins in the area. These can be found on the council website. Businesses looking for affordable commercial waste management in Chatswood are welcome to contact us for a free quote. Strip Outs for building projects are our speciality.