Rubbish Removal in Castle Hill

Castle Hill, a suburb to the north-west of the Sydney CBD, was first referred to as such by Governor King in 1802. A prison farm worked by Irish Catholic, political convicts was established here. It was the site of a convict rebellion, which caused martial law to be declared across the whole NSW colony in 1804. Despite the egregious beginnings, Castle Hill has blossomed from rural outpost to residential splendour over the subsequent centuries. It has been a growth area for Australia’s largest city and is home to major shopping centres and important thoroughfares. Rubbish removal in Castle Hill for residents is provided by The Hills Shire Council.

Waste Management Services in Castle Hill

The council service provides three bins for general rubbish, recyclables, and garden waste. These are red lidded, yellow, and green lidded. In addition, residents can call for a kerbside clean-up service, which will occur around 14 to 28 days after the request is lodged. The Hills Shire council is dedicated to providing waste education for their community members. They run free waste workshops at scheduled times during each year. They recognise that if the residents of Castle Hill and Sydney are going to meet the challenges of the coming years, it is only through measures such as these that it will be achieved.

Famous for Our Strip Out Services

Business owners operating in Castle Hill can take advantage of professional waste management services like Royal Rubbish Removal. We treat all our customers like kings and queens! We are famous for our strip out services in Castle Hill and surrounding suburbs. If you have building waste from renovations on your home or place of business, we can take care of this for you, quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, we can deal with all the materials that the council do not collect. Hazardous waste is no problem for our professional teams of waste management operatives. Rubbish removal in Castle Hill is available from Royal Rubbish Removal.

We Take Care of All Kinds of Rubbish in Castle Hill

The council will not allow any glass or mirror waste to be included in kerb side pickups, because of the danger to pedestrians and collectors. Royal Rubbish Removal can take care of this kind of waste for you. We dispose of all types of rubbish correctly, and we have permits for things like asbestos and PCP. Let us take the hassle out of rubbish removal in castle Hill for you. Call the professionals today and get taken care of like royalty.