Removing Rubbish in Revesby

What can I tell you about removing rubbish in Revesby, well, apart from the lovely alliteration in the sentence, it is a matter of history. You see, Revesby was named in honour of one of the most interesting early Australian identities, Sir Joseph Banks. Yes, that fascinating Baronet, who sailed with Captain Cook on the Endeavour. Banks who was the world’s leading botanist and patron of the natural sciences. The suburb was named after Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire, England, which Banks inherited from his father. Banks was the Squire of Revesby; and a school in Turvey Street was named after him.

Rubbish Removal in Revesby

Revesby is a part of the City of Canterbury Bankstown; there is that name again, Banks. The 2011 Census statistics tell us that around 13 000 people reside in Revesby. Most folks are married, with 49% tying the knot. Ancestry figures show residents declaring that Australian ancestry is just under 20% of the population, English 16.8%, Chinese 7.7%, Lebanese 6.2% and Irish 5.7%. There are people from Vietnam living here, around 4.2% of the population, and Indians and Kiwis residing here as well. Rubbish removal in Revesby is not a large issue, with many businesses servicing the requirements of the suburb.

Recycling in Revesby

There is an Enviro Recycling Centre located in Revesby, which augurs well for the commitment of the residents in this historic Sydney suburb. The Harbour City is Australia’s premiere city, with the largest population of residents. This means that issues like land fills filling up are acutely on the agenda. Recycling is a vital piece in the successful waste management puzzle. More and more locals, in places like Revesby, must take up the environmental mantle and keep their city functioning beautifully.

Waste Removal in Revesby

The waste will not go away of its own accord, we all must, as residents of locales like Revesby, deal with the situation ourselves. The City of Canterbury Bankstown has a duty to train their community and raise awareness about things like recycling and responsible waste management. Locals must realise that we cannot go on just living for today in a cavalier fashion. Tossing out stuff, willy nilly, in any old bin, just, will not do anymore. The people of Revesby must stand up and do their duty by their community. Recycle and put the right things in the correct bins. Bury your own organic waste where possible. Be responsible; and remember the next generation.